Starting in the spring of 2011, Friends of Brad has awarded annual scholarships to students graduating from rural high schools in northeastern Minnesota who plan to pursue music careers. Friends of Brad hopes to continue supporting young musicians in this way for many years to come.

Learn more about Friends of Brad scholarship recipients.

Friends of Brad is pleased to announce the 2022 scholarship opportunity for young musicians in rural Northeastern Minnesota. Two scholarships are available to students graduating in 2022 who plan to pursue musical endeavors while attending college.

2022 Friends of Brad Memorial Foundation Scholarship Guidelines

Two $1000 scholarships are available in 2022.


  • Student must be a graduating high school senior attending a rural school district in Carlton, Cook, Itasca, Lake, or St. Louis (excluding the City of Duluth) Counties.
  • Applicants must be prepared to attend college full-time at an accredited institution with an established music program. Music majors are strongly preferred (especially music performance or composition).
  • Applicants cannot be related to Friends of Brad trustees or board members.


  • Illustrate the applicant’s musicianship, creativity, and passion for music.
  • Embody the Friends of Brad Memorial Foundation’s mission and goals:
  • Demonstrate the applicant’s commitment to pursuing musical endeavors in college.

Consideration may also be given to a student’s academic performance and financial need.



  • The video should consist entirely of one or more musical performances by the applicant, with clear audio and video. Maximum duration: 10 minutes. Include titles/composers of all works performed in the video.
  • We encourage applicants to express their personality and musical style in the video.
  • The text “Friends of Brad Memorial Scholarship” must be included in both the title and video description, and the video should be made publicly viewable. Applicant grants Friends of Brad Memorial Foundation the right to embed, share, and publicize all video submissions.
  • For a tutorial on posting videos to YouTube, visit:
  • For an example of a past scholarship winner’s video, check out:


A new colony has been established on a faraway planet, and you (a 1st-generation emigrant from Earth) have been instrumental in the development of a distinctive musical scene on this planet, which the Intergalactic Endowment for the Arts (IEA) has recently recognized for its unique traits and for helping forge a distinctive and vibrant planetary cultural identity. The IEA has awarded you a generous fellowship to help facilitate your continued music making, and has requested a small sample and/or description for the collection of the Library of Intergalactic Congress.

Describe or depict the music of your new home planet. What makes your music notable and distinctive? Does it draw upon established earthly or other musical traditions? Are there unique planetary environmental, cultural, or other factors (e.g., stellar/planetary system traits, gravitational field strength, atmospheric conditions, flora, fauna, materials, technologies, cultural influences, social/political/economic/architectural structures, etc.) at play in shaping your music?

  • The video should be no more than 82 seconds long.
  • Applicants can create any type of video they choose, using none or any of the following elements: original music, visual props, claymation, timelapse, vocal effects, instrument sounds, computer-generated graphics, sketches, painting, poetry, kinetic sculpture, dramatic reading, etc.
  • Be creative. Be uninhibited. Be yourself, and let your personality shine through. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, responses should convey your musical imagination and vision.
  • *Applicants must post videos before filling out the application, as the URL for the videos is required for submission of the application form.

3) COMPLETE AND SUBMIT the Friends of Brad Memorial Foundation Scholarship Application.

4) OPTIONAL MATERIALS: Applications may include the following, optional materials:

  • A current high school transcript (official electronic version or a scanned copy).
  • One brief, email recommendation from a teacher, or someone other than a family member or fellow student who is familiar with the applicant’s musical activities.

Optional materials should be sent as .pdf files by email to Letters of recommendation should be emailed directly from the recommender.

All application materials must be received by May 16, 2022, at 5 p.m. CDT.

  • Applications received after the deadline are ineligible and will not be reviewed.

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