The Friends of Brad Memorial Foundation exists to honor the memory of Bradley Edward Rozman by providing support and opportunities to young musicians in MN.  We specifically seek to assist youth, college students and young professional musicians.

We pledge to support young musicians in ways that honor Brad’s spirit as a human and as a musician.

Brad was dedicated to the expansion of musical possibilities, so preference will always be given to persons and projects engaged in diversifying musical possibilities, taking risks, and operating outside of the musical status quo. We value the non-commercial over the commercial, the progressive over the conservative and the innovative and experimental over the orthodox.

Since Brad was a percussionist devoted to contemporary percussion music, first preference will be given to percussionists with goals and aspirations similar to Brad’s. Second preference will be given to non-percussion performers and/or composers engaged in experimental/contemporary musical practice. Lastly, other types of musicians will be considered.

Support will be given first to the musical communities of which Brad was a part:

  • Youth in Virginia and on the Iron Range
  • University musicians at St. Cloud State University
  • Young professional musicians living and working in Duluth and northern Minnesota

Finally, we pledge to always conduct our work in a manner that conjures Brad’s playful spirit. We seek and embrace all opportunities for laughter, joy, serendipity and absurdity, and to share these freely with others. All Friends of Brad endeavors will be marked by copious amounts of hearty laughter. And of course 82.

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