Who was Brad?
Bradley Edward Rozman lived for music. He used it to create beauty and meaning, enriching his own life and the lives of those around him. He discovered a love for drumming at a young age and pursued this passion with vigor for the rest of his life.  After finishing his graduate studies in percussion performance, Brad was active in the Duluth area music scene, most notably as the drummer for both High Volt Rustler and Equal Xchange. Brad’s life was cut short in May 2009 when he died unexpectedly of a seizure. His drumming is immortalized in the bands’ final record releases.

Follow this link to check out videos of Brad doing what he loved best — making innovative music that explores the boundaries of percussion. The footage is from a solo concert he hosted at his apartment in 2004.

Who are Friends of Brad?
The Friends of Brad Memorial Foundation is a nonprofit organization. We are a group of family and close friends who mourn Bradley E. Rozman’s tragic and untimely death. We seek to honor his memory by reaching out to support young musicians in Minnesota.

Brad believed in the power and importance of music in our lives and communities. We share his belief and commitment, and our goal is to develop and improve opportunities for area musicians. Become a friend of Brad and a friend to local music by supporting our efforts.

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